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Dronation Fundraising Coming from Everywhere

Here is a heartwarming story about a sister and a brother who wanted to help Nepal. (thank you Alon)  Family Philanthropy is a growing trend and much needed around the world now more than ever.

"Wanted to say a big thank you for being an inspiration to my kids. The earthquake touched me personally, as I have very fond memories of Nepal after spending some time there in 1997. Such a beautiful country and people. Maya (10) and Eli (7) were curious to know what was being done to help the people of Nepal. I shared your story as it really moved me and the drone video really made it feel real for them to see the beauty and destruction. They asked if the only way to help was to travel to Nepal, as you did, and I let them know that part of what you were doing there was setting up a way for people who could not travel to Nepal to help from afar by donating money. I showed them on your blog, and how with just a small donation they could help people who needed food, water and shelter. They came up with the lemonade stand idea on their own. Decided to go stand by the bike path and give away ice cold lemonade (homemade) for donations to Nepal. Together they raised $504.65. They asked their friends (in the picture) if they would help and off they went."