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Nepal Update #5

Making A Difference In Nepal.

Communitere's first volunteer in Nepal, Paul Borrud, arrived in Kathmandu Monday morning. Since then his days have been incredibly full and productive. His priority has been to address the needs of those who were affected most profoundly and who are receiving the least aid and assisting with search and rescue. He has also begun looking for long term solutions and has assessed the need for Communitere to deploy to Kathmandu to dowhat we do best: serve a community fractured by disaster by bridging the gaps in aid and creating an environment where resources can be shared.

Paul has identified new local partners for Communitere in Kathmandu and is working with orgs of all sizes including UNICEF who has asked him to go to the hardest hit districts and employ his drone "Phyllis" to help with search and rescue. He is visiting as many remote, rural villages as he can as they are the most underserved and has been working tirelessly to get generators to villages with no power. It’s a lot of work and, according to Paul, the best work he’s ever done.